The new DIY makeover book by the creator of Nars Cosmetics. Courtesy photo

Makeup-istas, brace yourselves: François Nars is launching one of his most delicious picture books yet.

In the sequel to his 2001 debut of the same title, Nars once again transforms women from the everyday to the amazing in the hulky coffee table turner, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself. This time, the artist works his magic makeup wand on 60 faces that sashay straight off the fashionable streets of New York.

The coolest part? Nars wedges sheer acetate sheets between glossy before and after photos for a handy lay-down that reveals exactly what makeup products were placed, and where. There's instructional guidance provided too, but the visual is really all that you need to get the full picture.

(Side note to the frugal -- use the plastic as a cheat sheet to match similar shades already racking up seniority in your beauty drawer to get the look. Finally, the perfect excuse to use that still virgin coral-colored gloss!)

Art direction is headed by Interview magazine's editorial director, Fabien Baron, who ensures these aren't your mama's Good Housekeeping makeovers; the photography is one part instructional and two parts inspirational. After all, this is the brand that made Orgasm something you wear on your cheeks, lips and nails.

And always the marketing master, Nars has teamed up with Nordstrom to offer three limited edition beauty kits that will help you attain the glamorous looks highlighted in the book.

The Eye Kit
features lid primer and a pretty palette ($85), while the Lip Kit includes tasty treats like Roman Holiday Lipstick and Orgasm Lip Gloss ($65). The Cheek Kit flaunts the cult Multiple in Copacabana and Laguna Bronzing Powder.

Nordstrom is also carrying the book as a way to tempt to you to spend the requisite $100 that rewards you with a free gift of Mini Illuminator in Orgasm, Eyeshadow Base Primer and Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Noir.

Yep, it's basically a a quicksand trap for the beauty junkie.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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