Various signature and custom styles available at Milk & Honey. Courtesy photos.

Does it seem like every time you set out to find the perfect pair of shoes it turns out they just don't exist, anywhere? Maybe you've even seen the elusive style in a thousand celebrity shots, but not a single store sells it. Or you know you saw it in basic black last season but now it's only available in a hideous avocado green. Or perhaps you love your closed-toe nude pump and want a peep-toe version to show off your summer pedi but, alas, it just doesn't seem to exist. Well fret no more: Milk & Honey is your answer.

Launched this spring by sisters Illisa and Dorian Howard, the design-your-own site was born out of their frustration at not being able to get exactly what they wanted on their feet. The sisters decided to address the footwear frustration issue by allowing women to create exactly what they want to wear. And shoe malcontents are responding. Even leading ladies have been logging on and ordering up custom styles, including Selena Gomez, Abbie Cornish and Ginnifer Goodwin (whose bright orange platform heel is now available in the signature collection).

The Howards have streamlined the design process into a well-organized series of clicks. Start by choosing a basic style -- pump, flat or sandal -- and take it from there. Milk & Honey offers a dizzying selection of shapes, fabrications, colors and details, so you'll only be limited by your imagination. And maybe your wallet. Check it out here.

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