As a middle child, I can relate to Pippa Middleton. She and I always have to keep up with the older sister, out shine the younger sibling, and let me tell you, it's a tough job. But turns out Pippa's holding her own, and doing all us middle kids proud. All hail the Pippa!

Pippa with her Modalu "Bristol" bag.

When Kate wore a Zara dress after the wedding and it sold out of stores within hours, Pippa knew what she had to do to keep up with big sis. Pips got herself a cool handbag, strutted her stuff in front of the paparazzi, and boom. Bag sold out. Pippa 1, Kate 1. Hey, a tie is always better than a loss.

A close up of the bag.

The gray leather bag, called the Bristol, is made by London company, Modalu. With gold-colored statement zippers and classic structure, the bag retails for 149 British pounds, or about $244 dollars. But! It won't be around forever.

After selling out online almost instantly after the photos of Pippa surfaced, Modalu is now taking a limited number of pre-orders online for the shark colored Bristol, and the orders will be filled and ready to ship by June 22nd. I'd tell you to hurry, but I kinda don't want any competition.

So what do you think -- gonna get one?

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