Some kids get everything. Isabella, the 18-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, could probably use her parents' connections to get almost any job she wanted. But it turns out that Bella doesn't want to stray too far from home --she just started an internship at fashion label Holmes & Yang. Ring any bells?

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Katie, Suri and Bella take a coffee break. Photo via WIREIMAGE.

Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang's line of women's wear is available at Barneys New York, and is focused on producing simple and sexy clothing that they're proud to say is made in the U.S.

Tom told People that he's really proud that Bella's working for his wife's company. "Kate's designing and Bella's just working her way up. She's an artist, Bella, so it's really great that she gets to work with it. She's loving it."

Could this be the first time we've heard of stepdaughter and stepmom working side by side in perfect harmony? Tom couldn't describe what exactly Bella is doing while at work, but we can't imagine Katie as an evil stepmother, forcing Bella to fetch coffee and shine shoes. (Then again, can't we?)

If Bella's internship is anything like the ones we've had at fashion houses, she's organizing closets, pulling clothes for shoots, and bitching with the other low-levels about not being invited to design meetings. Because, you know, we had so much to offer.

We really like the Holmes & Yang spring 2011 collection, so if Bella had a hand in that, she deserves a raise. We're also looking forward to the fall 11 collection, hitting stores in July. Katie says the fall designs were inspired by Charlie's Angels and that there are a lot of fun colors in the collection that pop. No word on whether or not the clothes will have gun holsters.

Perhaps the bigger question here is when Suri will join the Holmes & Yang workforce. I say she's CEO in three years. You?

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