Erin Fetherston short haircut

Designer Erin Fetherston's new short crop. Photo: Dave Kotinsky, Getty Images

Hairstylists are always raving about the instant transformation you can achieve by taking a few inches off your locks. And while we're guilty of going a bit longer than recommended for a trim, Erin Fetherston's new crop has motivated us to submit to a pro's scissors.

The California-born designer was spotted at Julien Marinetti's "Doggy John" exhibition last night in New York City rocking a shorter 'do with her signature bangs. Fetherston's blunt bob is a fresh update from the shoulder-length strands we're used to seeing her rock.

What do you think of her new short haircut?

Tell us in the comments section and watch the video below for the best practices for drying shorter hairstyles.