Rihanna California King Bed Hair

Rihanna's sexy and tousled strands in "California King Bed."

When Rihanna alerted fans via Twitter that her latest music video would be for "California King Bed," the beauty team at StyleList couldn't wait to see which hairstyle she'd rock between the sheets.

RiRi locks are predictably lust-worthy as she belts out the lonesome ballad.

Ursula Stephen, the woman behind Rihanna's dramatic hairstyles and Motions' celebrity stylist, dishes to StyleList exclusively on the Bajan beauty's bedhead hair.

StyleList: What was the inspiration for the hairstyle in Rihanna's "California King Bed" video?
Ursula Stephen: Rihanna wanted something really sexy, movable and bedhead-ish for this video. That was the direction and we just went with it.

SL: How did you create the look? What products and tools did you use?
I wanted to keep the products to a minimum so we could achieve that movable style. For this look, I used FHI Digital Curling Iron to create some curls and texture, and would comb out sections with a paddle brush to give the bedhead feel. I also used Motions Hold & Shine Styling Spray because it adds texture and hold, but doesn't leave the hair stiff so it still maintains its movement. As the day progressed, the curls naturally fell making it look even more natural and tousled.

SL: What was your pro trick to keeping Rihanna's strands sexy and not too messy?
U.S.: Yes, there's definitely a fine line between sexy and just straight messy. I was right alongside her all day to touch up as we went along. If it started to get wild, I'd run a brush through it. Brush is your friend! Then, flip her head over and shake it out to restore the body, movement and that sexy edge.

SL: Do you have any tips for women who are anxious to recreate this hairstyle at home?
For this one in particular, I'd say start with a great layered cut. Once you have that, everything will fall into place.

Watch the "California King Bed" video below and click here to see Rihanna's 2010 hair evolution.