Cate Blanchett is easily one of our favorite actresses. We don't want to brag or anything, but we've seen every "Elizabeth" and "Lord of the Rings" movie hundreds, nay, thousands of times. But while Cate is a bona fide star on the big screen, she's sometimes a little lackluster on the red carpet.

The "Hanna" star turns 42 on May 14, and in her honor we've pulled together some of her best and worst looks over the past 17 years. Seventeen years!

From drab sweaters to glamorous gowns, the leading lady's certainly had some hits, and her fair share of misses, over the past two decades. If you ask us, we're kind of confused by her affection for silver suits, but really love most of her daring dress decisions. (Givenchy Oscar dress, ring any bells?) Take a look at our gallery and tell us what you think!

Want to learn more about the birthday girl's life, and style? Watch the video below.