Dianna Agron Bob Haircut

"Glee" star Dianna Agron's new messy bob. Photo: Tyler Shields

Now that "Glee" girl, Dianna Agron, has wrapped up her second season at William McKinely High she's ready to take it all off -- her hair that is.

Agron debuted her chopped bob via Twitter and her fierce locks have already seen the flash of day -- photographer and buddy, Tyler Shields, got the first pics of Agron's new 'do.

After lamenting the end of the musical show's filming season, Agron tweeted, "Season 2 wrap. A remedy to the seven year itch. Finally!"

Shields also got artistic with Agron's chopped locks, snapping a picture of her discarded blond strands alongside a dagger and even documenting her transformation on video.

"She has been waiting a long time to cut that hair so it was amazing to witness it," Shields told PopEater. "There is just something magical about shooting this girl, wait until you see what's next!"

We couldn't agree more and have a feeling quite a few hair stylists will be getting requests for "The Dianna."

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