From left: Image courtesy of Emerson Made, D&G tuxedo jacket, Topshop necklace, 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, Thomas IV bag, J.Crew short, Loeffler Randall sandals

We wish we had a cool rooftop party to go to this weekend. But we don't. (What else is new.) Since we don't, we'll have to live vicariously through y'all out there with crazy, sexy, cool plans. So with that in mind, we've put together this little get-up that's perfect for long, boozy brunches, shopping binges, and Saturday night parties. Sounds so fun! Alas, if you stick to the socializing, we'll stick to the outfit picking. Deal?

Style Tips

Tuxedo jacket: There's no arguing that a well-cut jacket will make you look boss, because a blazer looks great on every body type. Pair with jean shorts, a full skirt, or throw one on over a dress -- there's no wrong way to wear one.

Top: You'll want the jacket to do most of the talking, so pair it with a soft, feminine blouse or top. Something in a light peach, gray, or pink is what we'd choose. For a more casual look, go for a top that's loose.

Shorts: Yee haw, jean shorts are in! Stay away from anything too too short -- we don't want to see any pocket linings sticking out. Almost everything else in the denim short category is fair game, though. Oh. Except drawstrings. No drawstrings.

Sandals: Anything leather and Italian will have our stamp of approval. We like this Loeffler Randall pair because they match our skin tone, and shoes that match the leg, elongate the leg. Choose a pair that's right for your stems.

Accessories: Certainly no need to break the bank for a turquoise skull necklace. This thing might not have a long shelf life, but we love it for this moment and for this outfit. And the bag? The bucket shape is at the same time trendy, and timeless. The southwestern colors and funky texture will add a lot of pizzazz to any ensemble.

What do you think of this outfit -- would you wear it? Oh, and happy weekend!