Olivia Blois Sharpe

"Jerseylicious" star Oliva Blois Sharpe on the cover of BE! Courtesy Photo

When StyleList first saw "Jerseylicious" star Olivia Blois Sharpe on the cover of BE! (Beauty Entertainment) magazine without her excessively smoky eyes and piles of bronzer, we thought that maybe the Gatsby Salon's junior makeup artist had classed up her act.

Blois Sharpe agreed to a makeunder to promote her Garden State reality show's third season, sharing a cover with her equally transformed nemesis, hairstylist Tracy DiMarco.

Can a girl who lives in skintight animal prints really change her spots? The truth will be revealed when the new season of "Jerseylicious" premieres on the Style Network May 15.

But after StyleList dialed up Blois Sharpe to investigate, we wouldn't bet our smudge pot on it.

StyleList: You look great in BE magazine, but was it Jersey enough for you?
Olivia Blois Sharpe
: I'm always down for whatever. If someone wants to try a look on me, I never say no because I'm a makeup artist, I get wanting to experiment, but it was weird seeing myself in a magazine with not a lot of makeup on. I normally have more than that on to go to the mailbox.

StyleList:I kind of imagined you wiping it off the minute you got home.
: (Laughs) Well, when we went back to the hotel ....I filled in my eyebrows and put on more mascara, piled on the liner and I was like, "Now I can go to the front desk."

StyleList: You don't look at that magazine picture and see a pretty woman?
: I see the natural prettiness and I think it's beautiful, but it's not me. I like looking borderline drag queen.

StyleList: So how long does it take you to get ready your way?
It's a process, it takes at least two hours. I can get ready for an event five hours in advance and still not be ready. I'll change my outfit 15 times too. I'm kind of OCD with my routine.

StyleList: So, walk us through your makeup application from start to finish.
: I start with eye primer... and I put on eye shadow then liner. In between, I try on clothes. For liner I love those L'Oreal HIP cream pots. I can cry with it and it doesn't go anywhere and on "Jerseylicious" there's drama so I need things to stay put. For my eye primer it's Laura Geller Spackle and I use M.A.C. shadows. I also use the HIP liner to fill in my brows. I need a lot of brow work because I went through this porn star phase where I had my brows in a V-shape like Jenna Jameson. If I don't fill in my brows I look like an alien.

I am all about my Nars bronzer in Casino because it doesn't make you orange, it makes you brown. I like M.A.C. Studio foundation. And I have this new thing I got turned onto from my gay makeup artist friend: It's by YSL, the Touche Eclat. It's not really new, but I just discovered it. It's expensive and I normally don't believe in expensive, but I'm in love with it.

And for my lips, I change colors a lot but when I love something I love something. I was wearing a pink M.A.C. color for a long time and when they stopped making it I got into bidding war on eBay with a guy named Mr. Hong Kong 101. I ended up spending $45 a tube.

Olivia Blois Sharpe

Oliva Blois Sharpe all glammed up. Courtesy of Style! Network

StyleList:Tracy's been taking some heat from "Jerseylicious" fans for stealing your style. She blew up when asked about it during last season's reunion special.
O.B.S: In fairness, we have very, very, very similar style. I just think I have better style. She's way more into matching than me: If she's got on a pink dress it's pink shoes, pink earrings. I like to think I'm a little more creative than that. But there have been some copycat incidents: There's a little boutique here in Jersey, really out of the way, and I started wearing their clothes on the show and promoting it on Facebook. And all of the sudden she starts wearing their clothes and doing the same thing. She straight up copies me and tries to deny it. Then she went and deliberately copied my signature lightning bolt ring. She gets one made by the same designer, Melody Eshani, with the word "Jersey' in it. She's flashing it in the "Jerseylicious" promo for this season trying to make a statement. This girl is out of her bird.

StyleList: Last season you were going to have breast augmentation, but changed your mind after you spent a day with rice packets in your bra. What was that like?
: I felt like I had torpedoes in my bra. My boobs were the size of my head. How do girls do that? I'm never getting them done. Never! And I want to set an example. I have (younger) siblings and little girls watch the show. I don't want to be another girl with a boob job. Now everyone will look at me and see I'm a natural beauty -- just with a ton of makeup on.

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