We can't decide which part of us is most excited about the launch of Jane Pratt's new web-azine, xoJane.com. Is it the 13-year-old girl inside of us, reading Sassy with her friends by the pool, discussing pimples and periods? Or is it the 19-year-old woman, enjoying Jane on the plane back from freshman year at college, trying to bone up on everything cool and irreverent before our older sister picks us up at baggage claim.

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Photo via xoJane.com

It's impossible to decipher which part of our id is squealing loudest, but one thing's for sure, our 20-something self is pretty darn psyched to have some new lunchtime reading material that will give us everything we fell in love with back when we were crushing on Leonardo DiCaprio and JTT: snarky content, great fashion and cheeky insight into what it means to a woman.

And we're not alone! Stars like Isaac Mizrahi, Paz de la Huerta, Carol Alt and Michael Stipe are also happy to support Jane's new endeavor and posed for a quick photo shoot and Q&A with xoJane to talk style, make-out sessions and diet pills.

Isaac wasn't shy about his love for Jane magazine and said he thought it was a "great, great, great, great magazine." Two things he'd like? How about a long kiss with Jimmy Fallon, and a really good, daily horoscope on xoJane. Agreed on both points, Isaac. Agreed.

R.E.M front man, Michael Stipe, said he'd "do anything for Jane," that he has kissed Helena Christensen's breasts, and that he would like commenters on xoJane to be seen, and "not anonymous." Valid point, Stipe, but we don't see logging in with a Social Security number happening any time soon.

Paz de la Huerta from "Boardwalk Empire" said she doesn't believe in following beauty or fashion standards, and doesn't wear underwear for health reasons. We're worried about what that means for the health of those around her, but no one asked us.

Carol Alt stopped by the shoot because she was "bored," and had "nothing else to do." The iconic supermodel admitted to taking 127 pills a day because she damaged her body so much with crazy diets, that her body can't function without this insane number of supplements. "My body has no reserves, so I have to give myself those reserves everyday." This is exactly the kind of scoop we'd expect from xoJane!

For more fashion talk, entertainment blurbs and a really cool peek into Jane's iPhone, head over to xoJane.com. But before you go, tell us: Are you excited about xoJane.com?