Free hair transformations are the stuff dreams, and makeover segments on daytime talk shows, are made of. While we've always wanted a stylist-to-the-stars to tell us what to do with our own lifeless locks, we haven't wanted to pay the price, or quit our jobs and wait at home for Ellen DeGeneres to knock on our door.

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Khloe and Kourtney at the Destination: Style Salon Tour

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian totally get that. When we met at the John Frieda Destination: Style Salon Tour stop in Times Square on Friday, they told me they feel blessed to have a team to do their hair because without it, they'd be lost.

Kourtney, the size of a doll, and Khloe, an impressive 6'3" with heels on, were a chipper odd couple at 9:30 a.m. While their size and styles were on opposite ends of the spectrum (Kourt in a green floral print summer dress with a cream blazer, and Khloe in a short denim jumper) they absolutely agreed on one thing: Braids are in for summer.

Kourtney plays on the John Frieda iPad color advisor.

"I always think for the summer, people are going in and out of the pool or the ocean, and your hair is so much frizzier due to the weather, that pulling your hair into a side ponytail and doing a little braid, you just look chic," says Khloe.

Older sister, Kourt, agrees. "I love braids. I think it's easy, anyone can do it. Especially if you know your hair is going to get wet, it holds it all together. And it still looks good after."

So since they love braids so much, would they ever do their whole head and put beads at the end, Caribbean vacation style? Kourtney doesn't see anything wrong with that. "I love it! Kim did that, the Bo Derek hair, and it looked so good on her, but that's, like, hard. You need to have a gorgeous face to pull it off, and she does, but it kinda hurts too. It's a big commitment."

Speaking of commitments, I wondered if they ever had the straight-across bangs so many of us rocked in our fifth-grade school portraits. Kourtney knew what I was talking about, and admitted to not only trimming her own bangs, but trimming a friend's.

"I told my friend in high school that I knew how to cut hair really well, and I cut her hair with those huge orange scissors, and the poor girl was so nice, that she let me do it, and then the next day her mom had to take her after school to get her hair done."

And the secret to a Kardashian blowout? "Not doing it ourselves," says Kourtney. Khloe adds that the only thing she knows how to do herself is flat-ironing her normally curly locks. And the sisters concur that they could learn a thing or two for the Destination: Style tour sponsored by haircare connoisseurs, John Frieda.

The tour, which includes a mobile salon on 18 wheels, will roll into 10 cities across the country. Women are invited to come in for a free consultation with a top-notch stylist to find out what products, styles, cuts and colors are right for them.

"I think it's so amazing that women can come in for free, for 15 minutes, and just get their hair problems solved. They'll get knowledge on what to do, and get answers from top, top hair stylists."

Amen, Kourtney, amen. For more information on Destination: Style, head over to for tour dates and times.

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