Tina Fey is our hero on so many levels. She's an amazing writer, a talented actress and a humble comedienne. There's just one thing, you know, we don't admire about, how do we put this, uh, we don't admire about her fashion choices. See? It's hard for us to even spit out something negative about our homegirl!

The "30 Rock" star turns 41 on Wednesday, and in her honor we've pulled together 15 of her most memorable red carpet moments. From T-shirts to weird skirts to wool hats to floor-length red gowns, we've got the best, and the worst, of Ms. Fey.

Some of her outfits are so bizarre they had us going, what the what? But not all are terrible. In fact, in some of these she could totally be a model in Cleveland.

We kid because we love. And Tina, if you're reading this, we don't mean any harm ... we think you're lizzing over this trip down memory lane like we are, right? Hope this isn't a dealbreaker. And we hope you're impressed by how many Liz Lemon references we were able to weave into this post. Happy birthday! Suck it, nerds.

Click through our gallery to see the style evolution of the inimitable Tina Fey.

And do you remember this style foul?