Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses

Left by Tassili Calatroni, Right by Tatiana Uzlova

Let's face it. Fashion can seem, at times, like a humorlous affair. So it was refreshing to see Prada have some fun with their designs. In their Minimal-Baroque Sunglasses Project, Prada partnered up with Vogue Italia to explore new interpretations on their glossy eyewear. The results are a poppy assortment of images by young artists: Federica Di Giovanni, Kuba Dabrowski, Ciraudo Majola, Mattia Buffoli, Rosi de Stefano, Tassili Calatroni, Tatiana Uzlova, and Tomas Nogueira. These works will be shown in Prada boutiques worldwide beginning May 17.

Click below to see a gallery of some more of our favorites: