Grace Jones

Grace Jones. Photo: Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Flawless chocolate skin. Razor sharp cheekbones. Fierce flat top. Grace Jones is a beauty icon who breaks all the rules.

My earliest memory of her glamour is watching the "Pull Up to the Bumper" video. Dressed in a black pant suit and her face painted in magenta blush, crimson red lipstick and kohl liner, Jones commanded my attention not only with her raunchy lyrics but androgynous style.

The Jamaica-born beauty perfected the sculpted look decades before it became a technique mastered by makeup artists and palettes of shadows were developed for women of color.

As Jones celebrates her 63rd birthday today (May 19), I pay tribute to her forceful presence with an amazing transformation.

Below, watch the video, move the photo slider from left to right and click through the photo gallery to see my Grace Jones-inspired makeover by MAC Senior Artist Romero Jennings.