We heard a sad, sad rumor that Vanessa Paradis told long-time love, Johnny Depp, that he had to get rid of his hats. Apparently his lids take up two rooms in their Paris apartment, and Vanessa wants them out. First he cuts his hair, now he might be losing another piece of his signature style?

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Johnny Depp

Two things. First, Johnny Depp can never have too many hats, and second, uh, Vanessa? Tread lightly, little lady. We're more than willing to turn the first floor of our office building into a hat closet for JD -- he's welcome to move in anytime. Anytime.

We like this whole hat trend (though let it be known that we're not fans of the squid-like fascinator Princess Beatrice donned at the big event) and totally think Johnny has every right to buy and store however many toppers he wants. Hmph!

While Johnny may be our favorite fedora fan, there are some other Hollywood dudes who look just as fine in their caps. John Hamm, anyone?

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