There's a time and place for wood paneling. The '70s, and basements come to mind. Rodarte and Celine feel differently though, and for their spring and fall 2011 respective collections, the designers resurrected the underground wall coverings and created skirts, dresses, pants and shoes inspired by what I can only imagine was the interior of the Brady house.

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From left to right: Celine, Fall 2011; Rodarte, Spring 2011; Rodarte, Spring 2011

I'm not sure where this would be appropriate to wear save a lunch date with Laura and Kate Mulleavy, or drinks with Phoebe Philo. Other than dining with the designers themselves, I can only think of a few more reasons to throw on a woodland outfit and hit the town.

Rodarte, Spring 2011

If you wore it to a company picnic, you could disguise yourself as a table and listen in on the higher-ups talking bonus potentials -- watch out for the ketchup stains. Hunting is another good chance to wear one of these multi-thousand dollar creations -- bonus points for yelling "timber!" if you trip and fall. Or say you wanted to hide in my parents' cellar, Celine's shirt and pants would be the perfect camouflage.

Rodarte, Spring 2011

Since it's not likely I'll drop six grand on a Rodarte dress, I'd shop for this look for less at Lowes or Home Depot. I think I'm just a little wood paneling wallpaper, some muslin and some stiff cocktails away from creating my own timberland ensemble.

What's your take on wood paneling clothing?