At the Cannes Film Festival, Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti debuted a pair of pink high-heels covered in gems from fine jewelry company, Chopard. The combination of shoe designer and jewelry designer resulted in one pair of fabulous fuchsia heels dripping in diamonds, pink sapphires, tourmalines and russellites.

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Zanotti and Chopard shoes. Photo courtesy of Zanotti.

To us, these look like an over-the-top choice for junior prom, but to insurance companies, they look like a liability. Coming in at $180,000, the bejeweled shoes make Dorothy's ruby slippers look like they'd serve an orthopedic purpose.

Sure, these hot pink heels will clash with the red carpet and possibly send you into bankruptcy, but don't worry, these puppies are a bargain: The ankle strap detaches and becomes a bracelet! How economical. And they're a real deal compared to the pair Stuart Weitzman designed for Diablo Cody at the Oscars in 2008 -- those topped out at a cool million.

And if you're concerned about the shoes snagging your dress, sending jewels flying in all directions, don't fret, we'll be right there behind you to pick up all the loose stones. We'll grab them and hold 'em in our pockets til we get home, then we'll mail them to you -- promise.

Anja Rubik wore these heels to an event in Cannes last night -- if you hear of anyone getting busted in customs with a pocket full of diamonds covered in dangling pink thread, send help. Please.

Anja Rubik in the $180,000 heels. Photo via Eric Ryan/Getty

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