We hear there are some great films that have debuted at Cannes, but all we really care about is the fashion. And photos of Ryan Gosling. But mostly the fashion. While ingesting all we could from the red carpet, a trend caught our eye. We're all for transparency in our government, but when it comes to our ladies in the spotlight, a little cover-up is in order.

Stars like Carine Roitfeld, Kirsten Dunst, and Irina Shayk all wore dresses with sheer sections. Listen, almost every model or actress in Hollywood has an enviable body, but we think wearing gauze on the red carpet makes them look a little matronly.

We know what you're thinking: How can they look matronly when they're wearing see-through dresses? Here's the thing. We, regrettably, saw our grandmother late-night in something not dissimilar to Naomi Campbell's dress. Since then, gossamer has never been in our favor.

If we're alone on that, so be it. We know Italian stylist, Giovanna Battaglia probably disagrees with us, and maybe you do, too. But after seeing a very pregnant Charlotte Gainsbourg wearing a sheer top and peek-a-boo bra, maybe you'll switch to our side. And Kirsten's Rodarte green and black number? We're just not sold on the "less is more" theory -- not fans of staring at her thighs when she has such a pretty face! Click through our gallery above for all the sheer madness.

We love all these ladies (especially you, Naomi -- don't hurt us!) but we just can't get on board with their diaphanous dresses. We want them to leave a little more to our imagination -- remember, our minds are already messed up from that fateful Nanna sighting.

Let us know what you think of sheer dressing in the comments below!