You're going to need a platinum card to pay for this plastic purse. Priced at an astounding $1,720, Yves Saint Laurent's latest handbag creation is made of recycled plastic bags.

The Muse Two Artisanal has an unexpected story. It's got a couple of the YSL trademarks we've come to rely on, like an expensive price tag and limited availability, but the material used caught our attention. Instead of the buttery leather we're used to, the purse is made of recycled plastic bags and is hand-crafted by artisanal women in Burkina Faso.

ysl muse, muse two artisanal

Muse Two Artisanal Recycled bag. Photo Courtesy of YSL

We love the environmental and humanitarian inspiration for the bag, but the cost has us a little confused. The sticker shock is intense for something made of plastic, no? We think London designer, Anya Hindmarch, had it right when she designed the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" canvas sack and sold them for $15. Earth friendly and cost-conscious, her bags totally hit the mark.

We called YSL and turns out there are only 13 slated for sale on the U.S. e-commerce site -- our guess is that they don't expect it to be a popular item. But we say, why buy one YSL eco-chic bag for $1,720 when you could buy 114 of Anya's bags, and hand them out to all your friends, and friends' friends? Now that's environmentally "friendly."

What do you think of the bag?