What do you get when you combine classic Disney movies with makeup? Magic!

Makeup artist Katie Alves has transformed scenes from some of our favorite childhood films into elaborate eye makeup. The 21-year-old first picked up her makeup brush back in October 2010 to paint a small design on her lips, but her artistry has blossomed and gained her a huge following.

Alves takes to her website to dish on the creative process behind her Disney-inspired makeup masterpieces. Read on for the deets!

"Alice in Wonderland" Photo: Katie Alves

"Alice in Wonderland"
MAN did I ever get a lot of requests for this one. I'd tried it a bunch of times, but each time it looked... well crappy. But since so many of you kept asking, I finally got one to look half decent.

For the love of god, please don't go "That mushroom isn't orange!" or "It's a grandfather clock, not a pocket watch!"
I have limited resources to work with and I am NOT doing an entire grandfather clock. My makeup, my way! So suck it! XD

Anyways, so I've done the caterpillar with multicolored smoke (because it looks way better than regular smoke XD). The Cheshire Cat's face, mushrooms and grass on my eyelashes on one eye. A clock, book and a rocking chair falling down the rabbit hole on the second one.

"Aladdin" Photo: Katie Alves

Uggghhh! This thing was HARD! This took me much longer than usual. Everything looks a little mutated, but I couldn't make it much better. The only thing I'm happy with is that... golden... bug thingy. That took forever! The Cave of Wonders kind of looks like the WTF cat! XD

What I used:
Covergirl eye shadow
Gosh eye shadow
Rimmel liquid liner
Gosh liquid liner
Rubies Halloween Cream Make-up

The gold wasn't as hard to get off on the Cave of Wonders. I think it was because there was black first. I only have a few dots where the bug was this time!

"The Lion King" Photo: Katie Alves

"The Lion King"
The sky was really fun to do! Lots of mixing with eye shadows and the white Halloween cream makeup!

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" Photo: Katie Alves

"The Nightmare Before Christmas"
First off, I'd like to say that the house design is not my own. I used sweetgreychaos' design, so go check her out! Her stuff is amazing!

My house is a way smaller version of hers, so sadly it isn't as crisp, but it's a house nonetheless.

I had a problem with my new yellow I got... it smudges everywhere! I constantly had to keep fixing that damn moon!

"Snow White" Photo: Katie Alves

"Snow White"
I got a request to do something with Snow White, so here it is! I went with the scary forest, with the creepy eyes and the trees that look like hands. I also went with the poison apple with the skeleton face on it, when the poison is put on it.

"Tangled" Photo: Katie Alves

GAH! I love this movie! So I decided to do the lantern scene! So there's the castle in the background, the shiny lanterns and the boat with Flynn and Rapunzel holding their lanterns.

That orange (you know, the stuff that I told you guys was impossible to get off) is IMPOSSIBLE to get off. I did this three hours ago and I still can't get the little orange dots off my eyes.

Watch the video below as MAC makeup artist Christopher del Castillo shows you how to transform into The Red Queen from "Alice in Wonderland."