Baby, baby, baby. Ooh, baby.

Justin Bieber insists on trying to appeal to all of our senses. From aural to olfactory, we've been bombarded with his teenage high notes and low notes. Just when we thought the onslaught from his perfume Someday was over, we find that there's a commercial. I guess we should've known better: Never say never.

Starring Canadian model Dree Hemingway, the 30-second spot features a creepy music box remix, some ominous, unintelligible whispering and a lot of Bieber nuzzling Dree's neck.

Dree, the daughter of Mariel and great-granddaughter of Earnest, has walked the runway for designers like Givenchy and Calvin Klein, and has starred in ad campaigns for Gucci, Valentino and H&M. We wonder what she thinks of this, her latest gig.

We don't want to come down too harsh on Bieber here (we've been to his concerts!) but this commercial is just, well, confusing. Why cast the 5'9", 23-year-old Dree opposite Bieber, who's 5'5" and 17? It looks like he's crushing on his older sister, and that's just creepy. And the part where he's giving her a piggyback ride through the clouds? We hope he didn't injure himself.

Someday is Bieber's second beauty product for the ladies. His nail polish collection for Nicole for O.P.I. called One Less Lonely Girl debuted last year. Thankfully, we didn't catch a commercial for it.

Watch the Someday spot below and tell us what you think. Do you like it?