Believe it or not, we've never had the urge to add a dickey to our wardrobe. Not once have we woken up and thought, "Shoot. If only we had a false shirt-front to wear!" Even the word "dickey" makes us feel all hot under the collar.

Dickeys, or "toppings" from CeCe Toppings

But it's come to our attention that dickeys, and their half-sibling, detachable collars, are making a comeback. Well, maybe "comeback" is the wrong word -- we're not sure if they were ever really "in" -- but they're currently rallying for some more consideration. We've seen them sprouting up on fashionable folks and peeking out from the lapels of celebrities like Alexa Chung. Miu Miu had some for their spring collection and NYC-based designers Eleven Objects have gotten some press for some of their embellished creations. And try as hard as we have to ignore them, we can stay blind no longer. We saw a dickey with rhinestones.

Detachable collars from Eleven Objects

Here's the thing. We can't decide if it's the coolest article of clothing we've seen in a while, or the most heinous thing on the planet. We've always thought dickeys were a joke! Cousin Eddie from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" wore that black one under his white sweater, and since then we've just assumed dickeys = funny. It's a simple formula we've lived our lives by, but now, are things changing?
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Detachabe collars on the Miu Miu S/S 2010 runway. Photo via Getty Images

dickeys, dickies, detachabel collars

Cece Toppings dickeys are around $35

We suppose that they do serve a purpose by offering a little bit of style without all the layers and bulk. But we've never really had a problem wearing full shirts (sleeves, tails and all) under sweaters or coats. Is it possible we just don't know how much more comfortable we could be?

Eleven Objects' collars range in price from $300 to $1,200

It's hard to tell. But! We've decided after looking at some of these that we shouldn't automatically burst out laughing when we see, or hear of, a dickey. The joke could possibly be on us.

We spy a fake collar on Alexa Chung. Photo via Charley Gallay/ Getty Images