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Photo courtesy of Why Did You Wear That

If you're like us, then your first beauty purchase was probably made at a drugstore. Perhaps you were waiting for your mother to pick up a prescription, or you stopped by after school to get your first eyeliner pencil. Either way, the drugstore is a place where skin, makeup and hair products are not only cheaper than department store brands -- but where the products deliver better results.

Stephie, a guest blogger at Why Did You Wear That rounded up her top drugstore picks. Sure, a mani is luxurious, but what could be more satisfying than multiple at-home manis for the small price of $8 a bottle? And while hair salon visits guarantee professional results, they can also put a dent in your wallet -- opt for a handful of bobby pins instead and try a trendy unkempt 'do.

Stephie also points out that the je ne sais quoi allure that all French women seem to possess probably stems from their natural beauty -- these ladies know how to rock a bold lip without looking too done-up. And their look is not only easy to emulate, but affordable.

So rather than hit the department store as soon as your body lotion runs low, visit your local drugstore -- Aquaphor awaits!