Oprah's final show has come and gone and as far as we can tell, the Earth is still spinning. We were legitimately afraid it might stop -- without Oprah on the air, we were worried that our planet would come to a standstill, the animals would take higher ground and we'd all freeze to death. But so far, so good!

Oprah in custom L'Wren Scott dress. Photo courtesy of Oprah.com

While we're all still alive let's talk about Oprah's last outfit.

The inimitable icon went with a custom coral silk L'Wren Scott dress with a degrade chiffon belt, nude heels and gorgeous diamond (or topaz, but we assume they're diamonds, it's Oprah after all) drop earrings. We think it was a great choice and right in her lane, she wore a Scott design for the final-farewell episode, but some designers might disagree.

Before the taping of the final episode, Oprah.com asked Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Diane von Furstenberg what they'd like to see the Queen of Daytime wear the last time she steps out on that white stage in Harpo Studios.

Michael Kors wanted to see her in yellow. "Yellow or orange, and something that shows off her figure ... something formfitting, colorful and optimistic."

Kors isn't alone. Tory Burch likes O in yellow, too. "I've never seen anyone look better in color, in everything from yellow to rust to blue ... less is more with her, it should be all about the color."

Diane von Furstenberg didn't declare what hue she likes best, but instead was more concentrated on Ms. Winfrey's hairdo. "For her last show I would ask her to wear a ponytail. She looks so gorgeous in a ponytail. I would make her look young, sassy, and not as a goodbye, but as a new beginning."

No yellow and no ponytail, but we think Oprah went out looking picture-perfect.

What do you think of Oprah's last look?

Watch a clip of the final show here.