Wacky is probably the first word that comes to our head when we think of Helena Bonham Carter's style. From mismatched shoes to hair that looks like it could hide a flock of geese, the English actress always looks a little loony from head to toe when she walks a red carpet. And you know something? We kind of love it.

HBC looking nuts, of course. From left to right: Bonham Carter at the Folklore Fete, 2009 (Gareth Cattermole/Getty); at the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" premiere, 2009 (Tim Whitby/Getty); at the W Magazine Golden Globes party, 2011 (Lins/X17online.com)

Bonham Carter turns 46 today and this year has given her a lot to celebrate. Her movie "The King's Speech" won Best Picture, she was nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (but lost to Melissa Leo in "The Fighter") and has once again survived fashion policewoman Joan Rivers' suggestion that she seek psychotherapy.

Not that we think Bonham Carter actually gives a damn what people say about her outfits. Before the Oscars, she told The Telegraph that her look is usually chosen last minute. "Of course I want to have fun ... it's probably going to be a catastrophe. But it's like, I'm gonna go for it ... and quite frankly, as my boyfriend knows, it's right up to the last minute. It can go wrong at any time."

Say, for example, when went it went wrong months earlier when she wore one green and one red shoe to the Golden Globes. Or the corpse bride dress she wore to the "Alice in Wonderland" premiere, or the top hat fascinator and black cummerbund she rocked at the BAFTAs, or the tight, striped trench she squeezed into over a peach silk skirt for the Folklore Fete, or the time ... oh, you get the picture.

We can only imagine what it'd be like in the house of Bonham Carter and boyfriend Tim Burton the night of a red carpet event. For some reason we're picturing Bonham Carter trying on different dresses one at a time for her man, floating out from their walk-in closet on clouds of dry ice, twirling around in layers of fabric and tulle seeking Burton's approval. (We're also picturing steadfast goblins sewing gowns and for some reason, vials of blood, but that's neither here nor there.)

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More eccentric looks we love. From left to right: Bonham Carter at the "Alice in Wonderland" premiere, 2010 (Jorge Herrera/Getty); at the Golden Globes, 2011 (Frazer Harrison/Getty); at the BAFTAs 2010 (Dave Hogan/Getty)

And Burton, one of the most creative film directors, writers and artists of our time, would likely have some inventive outfit suggestions for his girlfriend of 10 years -- the mind behind "Edward Scissorhands" and "Alice in Wonderland" would certainly know a thing or two about eccentric ensembles. We can't say for sure that Burton and Bonham Carter collaborate on her sartorial choices, but it's clear that the odd couple has a penchant for the unusual and eye-catching in both film and clothing.

So happy birthday, Helena. Thanks for reminding us that fashion can be insane, insanely fun and sometimes, insanely funny. You bring life to the red carpet and while we generally think you look absolutely ridiculous, we wouldn't have it any other way. Your original and flavorful choices help us to remember that style is self-expression -- the day you show up to an event perfectly coiffed, polished and put together is the day we call the paramedics. Keep showing us you're freaking crazy on the carpet -- that's how we'll know you, and we, are still mentally sound.