The lazy days of summer are almost here. Yay! Memorial Day officially kicks off the sweaty season on Monday and we here in the northeast couldn't be more excited to stuff our down jackets under our beds and break out the flip flops. Wait a second -- that reminds me that I need a pedicure. But wait another second. Maybe I don't!

Never one to miss an opportunity to take the easy way out I've been pretty pleased by some of these low-maintenance beauty trends that have been popping up lately. The more mellow the look, the more carefree it seems, the more I'm into it. Chipped nail polish, anyone? I was an early adapter to this statement and I haven't looked back.

Lindsay Lohan, 2009. Photo via Jemal Countess/Getty

One of the chicest, and therefore most appealing trends this summer is ombre hair color. Out are the days of hours-long hair appointments to color your roots every six weeks, in are the months of dark on top, light on bottom locks that say "I'm cool, I'm hip, and I took Italian in college, so I know what ombre means." (Shadow, for those of you who were busy learning Japanese.)

Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore and Sarah Jessica Parker feel me on the ombre front. I love that everyone from broke losers (me) to high-fashion celebs (them) can now look on trend by ignoring dye job upkeep. So lazy! So perfect.

From left to right: Rachel Bilson (Andy Kropa/Getty); Drew Barrymore (Scott Kirkland/Getty); Sarah Jessica Parker (Francois Durand/Getty).

All this talk of low-maintenance style has me curious, and excited, about what could possibly be next. Is it conceivable we'll all be growing out our unibrows in the name of trendy style?! How lo-fi and awesome that would be. I nominate Selma Hayak to start that trend -- she played Frida Kahlo so she's got experience with this sort of thing.

It would be really great if a trend would catch on in which we all wear the same outfits over and over without judgement or question of cleanliness. I mean, I've only got about two skirts and five tops I like for summer -- can I just put them on rotate if I promise to keep them clean? A summer uniform trend would be so low-maintenance and so fantastic.

So if you see someone this summer with dark roots, you know you're looking at one stylishly lazy lady. Salute her. Then corner her and start discussing getting on-board with unibrows and summer uniforms. We need to get this going!

What lo-fi trends do you love?