philip crangi swarovski atelier cfda 10 years collection

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Fashion collaborations are a dime a dozen these days, but when we heard that Philip Crangi -- one half of Giles & Bro and founder of The Crangi Family Project -- was creating a limited-edition line with Atelier Swarovski, we were hooked.

The Swarovski and CFDA Fashion Awards 10th Anniversary Collection is a project which brings Crangi full circle -- the jewelry designer won the award back in 2008. Since then his whimsical yet minimalist creations -- like the railroad spike cuff -- have been coveted by fashion's finest and featured in major magazines.

Tapping the Florida native -- who grew up treasure-hunting in his backyard -- was a natural choice for Swarovski. The collection will consist of ten pieces including two necklaces and three bracelets in two color ways: petrol gray and peach-gold. You can certainly see Crangi's hand in the designs -- the necklaces and bracelets reference the braided ring and hex nut pieces from his personal collection; but the collaboration lends a bit of sophistication with brilliant colors and soft ribbon.

About the limited-edition line, the tattooed and bearded jeweler said, "I often look to textiles and embroidery for inspiration in my own work. Classically trained as a goldsmith, I have always found common cause with the art of couture and embroidery, both being perfect examples of the finest kind of handcrafted luxury. The softness of bows and braids rendered in luxurious suedes bring to mind the grandeur of 18th century European court costume, while the rich sparkle and futuristic shapes of the Swarovski crystals give the pieces a modern feel."

Available at six Swarovski boutiques, the necklaces, bracelets and cuffs are worth collecting -- we know Crangi would agree!

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