Dolly Parton gave an interview to Q Magazine and explained that she's not really into wearing clothes more than once.

She explained, "I never do an interview in or wear the same outfit twice. So after I've worn this blouse, it will be wrapped up and locked in my closet, never to be seen again."

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Dolly Parton leaving a London studio, April 2011. Photo via GF/bauergriffinonline.

We can only imagine how big her closet, and her savings account, must be. We know she's famous for saying "it costs a lot of money to look this cheap" but ... goodness. If she's living by the one-and-done method, she must spend a small fortune on clothes.

Ms. Parton goes on to admit that she's made some questionable fashion choices over the years.

"At the time you think you look great, you think you're beautiful and the dress is perfect but 20 years on, it's 'What was I thinking?' And that goes for my hair, too."

We're dying to know which outfits Dolly's talking about. For the 65-year-old rhinestone-loving diva to consider them embarrassing, we know they've got to be over-the-top outlandish and audacious.

And Dolly, if you ever need anyone to take some of those outfits off your hands, you know how to reach us. Why store them when there are style bloggers like us willing to rock your old frocks? We love anything with glitter and/or shoulder pads. Trust.

If you could, would you only wear each outfit once?

Want more Dolly? Here's a video about her life and career in the biz: