Practical footwear is something we're really into around here (we hate being the girl who can't walk five blocks because her feet hurt), so when we noticed a trend in sporty and comfy high heels, our ears, and our feet, perked up.

Grey Ant x Teva Sandals

Teva and Grey Ant collaborated in December on a high-heel, high "fashion" Hurricane sandal, and we were not just a little shocked. While we're not sure who they're marketing this to (fashion-forward hipsters who rock climb on the weekends?) we were intrigued by the combination of the practical and the impractical.

Turns out Grey Ant and Teva aren't the only ones in the designer, high-heeled sport sandal market -- Jil Sander has ignored the Teva and has instead interpreted a five inch platform Birkenstock.

Jil Sander "Tiffany" Wedge Sandal

Let's compare and contrast, shall we?

The Grey Ant x Teva heels are interesting ... to say the least. At $330 a pair, they're kind of expensive for a funny novelty. We will, however, allow that they look extraordinarily comfortable for a four inch heel. Kinda kitschy, kinda hilarious, kinda genius ... we're not sure where we land with these.

On the other hand, the Jil Sander pair is easily recognizable as chic and simple -- even MS Sander, the former German designer of the label would be impressed with these clean lines. The buckles and the cork say practical and comfortable, the color and the style say fun and fashionable. For $550, we can see these having a little more staying power than, say, a pair of stiletto Tevas.

Either way, we guess we're pleased that there are some seriously reasonable, and utilitarian, open-toed heels to choose from this summer. Now if only we had a fashion-forward camping trip in the works ...

Tell us which pair you like better -- Jil Sander's high-heeled Birkenstock look, or Gray Ant x Teva's stiletto sandal?