From left, clock wise: a Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 runway look, CC SKYE "Zoe" earrings, $150 available at, Citrine by the Stones Pom Pom earrings $250, Oscar de la Renta tassel bead earrings $395, Nicole Romano "Tia" earrings available at Charm & Chain for $324, Jenny Jenny tassel earrings available at $31, ASOS drop earrings with ornate cap detail $27.70. Photos: Getty Images | Courtesy

The '70s revival was in full swing at the Louis Vuitton spring runway, and while we were so enamored with the East-meets-West mentality, we couldn't help but fixate on one particular accessory: the long, dangling tassel earrings. Once known as a symbol of luxury and status in both military and religious orders, tassels are becoming fashionable fixtures for the stylish set -- Pucci, Dior and Gucci added 'em for a bit of flare on the runway. Tassels were also seen on the red carpet as ear adornments on Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson.

The accessories add an instant Studio 54 feel to any ensemble -- wearing the earrings with garb reminiscent of era like high-waisted flare jeans or a Halston-inspired dress may come across as costume-y. Make your look more modern with a simple white tee or a floor-grazing maxi dress. And the best way to show off these stunners is with an updo -- whether your strands are unkepmt or polished, the summer hairstyle is one way to give tassel earrings the attention they deserve.

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