Katy Perry's bright yellow manicure. Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Yellow nail polish is everywhere, and I am starting to get obsessed with it. It's not just me: Chanel's latest nail lacquer for summer is "Mimosa," a glorious sunshine-yellow and OPI appropriately titled their shade of yellow "The 'It' Color."

Last summer was all about different shades of neon, but this season the editors at StyleList are painting our digits different shades of yellow. I decided to chat with Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, to understand the current yellow fever.

Why is yellow so popular right now?
Well for a number of reasons. Psychologically it is the color we most connect to sunshine and cheer-fullness. I think those elements of yellow, especially in a time when people are stressed out, make it a color that can lift your spirits in a specific way. Yellow is connected to the sun, whenever we do word association people always say, unless it is a dirty shade of yellow, sunshine, happiness, warmth, all of these things. We have this intrinsic dedication to yellow, without even giving it too much thought, that yellow that makes you feel warmer and happier. Invariably, if you give a child a box of crayons one of the first things they will do is choose a yellow and draw a big sun on the page showing our natural inclination to the color.

What is your favorite shade of yellow?
Well, I just happen to have a Pantone guide right in front of me! One is called "Sunshine," I think a lot of people would be happy with it because it's a bright yellow, but not overly vibrant. Another is "Aspen Gold," it has some vitality but kind of a gold feeling. It is a little more sophisticated. another one for people who want to settle down a little bit is called "Banana Creme," even if they don't like yellow they will like the way it sounds.

Would you wear yellow nail polish?
Well you know, you're asking a colorist. We do all kind of weird things. Yellow can be very upscale, though, I remember a few years ago when yellow diamonds got very big. The answer is for sure on toe nails. That would be fun, especially with a tan. As far as fingernails are concerned, I think I would do a more subtle yellow.

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