Necklaces for men are just one of the many accessories banned in Iran's latest crackdown on western style (nail polish and "glamorous" hairstyles also got the cut) that was announced today. While we don't always approve of how they are worn (The Situation- we are looking at you), some men rock the trend beautifully (does Johnny Depp ever get it wrong?). Because we here at StyleList are on the fence when it comes to men and necklaces, we asked some fashion experts their opinions. So how do you feel about the Iran ban? Yes or no for all men all over the globe.

"Personally, not my thing but on the right guy, it can be sexy."
-Joe Zee: Creative Director, ELLE Magazine

"I think if guys wear necklaces they have to look and feel completely comfortable wearing them. I'm a total fan of guys in chains but my favorite way is when they wear a medium length chain and pendant and it gets tucked inside their t-shirt."
-Dana Lorenz: Jewelry Designer and Owner, Fenton/Fallon

"We love a cool chain with a tee shirt or sweater. Keep the scale small and it will add a big dose of personal style to your look. Best to put the corded rope and pooka shells away after you turn 21."
-Brian Coats: Senior Fashion and Market Editor, GQ

"Jewelry can carry significant meaning beyond that of a fashion statement, be it religious or sentimental, and I think all people should have the ability to adorn themselves in any way they please."
-Chantal Chadwick: Co-Owner of Lower East Side boutique "End of Century"

"For me it's a like really personal thing. I grew up really Catholic wearing a medallion of my grandfather's and now I am a jewelry designer. I try to make things that are meant to be very personal like a ring on a chain. I wear a signet ring on a chain that a friend gave me."
-Philip Crangi: Jewelry Designer and Co-Owner, Giles & Brother

"I ADORE men wearing any kind of bijoux!"
-Mickey Boardman: Editorial Director, Paper Magazine