Courtesy of The Row

Stripes have been a popular trend for centuries (they have been traced back to the middle ages). Prisoners, Yachter-s and Hamburglars alike have been in on the trend for years as well, so why are stripes still on the runway after all this time? Resort collections this spring have been filled with horizontal, vertical and even zigzagging versions of the classic print.

I have nothing against stripes as a pattern (full disclosure, I am wearing stripes right now). Stripes are cute, stylish and contemporary- and certainly a more attractive alternative than their pudgy counterpart the polka dot. The Row's resort collection, however, just put me over the edge. I love the nautical theme, mink coat and the dress (separately) but those socks too? At first, we were all like "that's it, I am so over stripes." But then I looked around the office and realized almost all of my StyleList coworkers were wearing stripes (no, we did not plan this).

Check out our gallery of striped resort wear and my stylish peers interpreting the trend: