Eva Mendes Thierry Mugler Angel Fragrance Launch

Eva Mendes at the Thierry Mugler Angel Fragrance Launch. Photo: Getty Images

Last night in New York, Thierry Mugler launched a new lighter Eau De Toilette version of its classic scent, Angel -- along with the ad campaign which features a singing Eva Mendes. The actress, in a custom Nicola Formichetti dress, along with Rachel Roy, Mickey Boardman, and Naomi Watts (former Angel spokeswoman), among others, viewed the premiere of the commercial which will air this fall. (Watch behind the scenes footage of the making of the song.) We caught up with Mendes beforehand to discuss everything from her thoughts on the new scent to summer beauty essentials to the music she's obsessing over right now.

Angel by Thierry Mugler campaign:

StyleList: Is there a particular singer whose voice/sound you really love? Who inspires you -- singing-wise (past or present)?

EM: Oh sure, all the greats. From Maria Callas to Billie Holiday, there are so many amazing women. To more modern day, like Florence Welch. There's a ton of spectacular women that inspire me. And my mother has a beautiful, beautiful voice.

StyleList: What was it like working with your voice coach for the Mugler campaign? Was there anything you struggled with?

EM: You know what, not really for this. I've been working with him for a few years now, and it's so exciting because I always feel like if you keep your instrument in tune, and ready to go, opportunities will present themselves. So it wasn't like I was working towards a goal, but when I started vocal lessons, I was like, I just want to open myself up and see what's in there. So it was really great to have this amazing opportunity.

StyleList: What songs/bands are you loving right now?

EM: I just started checking out Mumford & Sons, they're pretty cool -- that's kind of my latest. The new Strokes, that's kind of rocking my world on a serious level. I love Mark Ronson, he's always a part of a cool collaboration.

The fragrance:

StyleList: How does it feel to be the face of such an iconic scent?

EM: So exciting. I grew up with the scent. When it came out I was still in school, my sisters were wearing it, my mom was wearing it. Angel was big in our household. So to now be the face of Angel, and to have it be such a beautiful collaborative experience is just amazing. It's been a true partnership, in that sense, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

StyleList: What do you love about the new, lighter Eau De Toilette version of the fragrance?

EM: It's just a little less "octane" in a sense, just more for daytime. It's still as powerful without being as strong, if that makes any sense.

StyleList: Can you tell us about the moment when the direction of the campaign shifted to include you actually singing in the commercial.

EM: When they showed me a rough cut of the commercial, I was so excited about it. They had the original version of the song and they said they wanted to modernize it. I quickly volunteered, I was like, I could modernize it. It just happens to be one of my favorite songs. It was a big moment for me.

Summer beauty routine:

StyleList: Are there certain products that you can't live without this time of year?

EM: I cannot live without Dr. Perricone's No Foundation Foundation. It's a very light tinted moisturizer, you put it on, and you get coverage without feeling foundation-y at all. It has SPF in it, and you feel a little more responsible about going out there, and just being a little more carefree.

StyleList: What are your melt-proof makeup tips for keeping it simple-but pretty-when it feels like a sauna outside?

EM: I love the Thierry Mugler mascara. I also love Laura Mercier, I think she has amazing products. What I tend NOT to do, specifically in the summertime, is cover any shine with powder. I'd rather look a little shiny and look fresh in that way, than trying to cover it. I'm very anti-powder, especially when it's a little humid out. That's when blotting papers are really helpful.

StyleList: Any tricks for keeping your hair healthier in the summer?

EM: I use Pantene all the time, I really do. Whenever I go to the beach or the pool, I just put my hair into a bun and then I get a cute old scarf and wrap it up, so it doesn't start turning auburn. You know, with us brunettes, we tend to go red a little bit, so I just make sure to protect my hair, and I can just feel a little more relaxed, because it does tend to go reddish.