When I first heard that celebrity stylist John Barrett was opening up a braid bar at his Bergdorf Goodman salon, my first instinct was to run. I've passed the bright yellow signs along Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn advertising braiding services and heard tales of island-hoppers elatedly returning from vacation with cornrows. But I've always felt that the fancy braids were perhaps best left to the stars. Besides, I braid my hair before bed every night -- why would I need a stylist to do that for me?

Not to mention that the prices ($45 for any braided look, and $120 for a blow dry and braid) are more than I pay for a haircut, but StyleList decided to check it out anyway.

The salon's website features pictures of beaming stars with their hair in thick, gorgeous braids that are pretty hard to resist. I sat down with stylist Tasha Jetter who created two intricate hairstyles: a fishtail and a braided bun. Her work went miles beyond my bedtime hair fumbling.

Jetter's next client was a woman arriving for a wedding hair consultation, which besides making me feel a little silly, presented an ideal use of a braid bar. We might not make our appointment a regular one, but the bar is a great alternative to getting a regular blow-out for a fancy event, and an even better way to splurge after a long week.

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