Courtesy of Fresh, AFP/Getty Images, AP

To wrap up this week, we decided to pick through the news and share what we are excited for, what we are sad about and what we just don't understand. Here is this week's The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:

The Good: We are hoping to get out of work early enough to take advantage of beauty brand Fresh's new "Kiss & Tell" campaign. Fresh will go around Manhattan in a pop up truck today and tomorrow offering their signature Sugar Lip experience, for free! Get a lip cleansing and exfoliating session plus a free Sugar Lip treatment just for stopping by.

The Bad: Jil Sander's +J collaboration with Uniqlo is over. The seemingly productive relationship between the minimalist German designer and the Japanese fast fashion company seemed like a match made in fashion heaven. We will mourn this great loss to our wardrobes.

The Ugly: I had never heard of Bethanie Maddek-Sands until this week, but she showed that she is worthy of the wrong kind of fashion attention when she showed up to Wimbledon in this hideous, Gaga-inspired get up.