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You have probably heard more about John Galliano since his epic anti-semitic rants last February than you ever wanted. Fashion conglomerate and owner of the John Galliano and Christian Dior label, LVMH, has just announced Galliano's successor of his eponymous menswear line. Bill Gaytten, who has worked for Galliano for over twenty years just presented his first independent collection for the brand last Friday. You might not have heard Gaytten's name before, but you certainly will again.

Here are some vital facts about the soon to be household name:

1. He was born in England. The British-born designer studied architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College in London.

2. Galliano and Gaytten were born in the same year (1960) but Gaytten is a few months older.

3. He worked at British Couturier Victor Edelstein for three years dressing the likes of Anna Wintour and Princess Diana before leaving to work with Galliano. Victor Edelstein was the head designer at Christian Dior in 1975. (Everything comes full circle.)

4. He worked for John Galliano for 23 years and was considered a part of his inner circle along with Steven Robinson.

5. Gaytten was Galliano's assistant and was responsible for the cutting of Galliano's designs which was why he was chosen for the position because of his "exceptional tailoring skills."

6. Gaytten's first solo show for Galliano was inspired by the work of David Hockney.

Check out the gallery below to see Gaytten's work for John Galliano so far: