Dallas residents, take note: Billy Reid's store recently relocated from North Park to a Highland Village Park location. The CFDA-winning designer's trademark Southern hospitality is evident in the stylish new space, which offers his signature wares against a rustic backdrop of aged pinewood floors and antique furnishings. We spoke to Reid about the new shop and its surrounding city.

What prompted the move?
We were looking for a more intimate space and absolutely love that center -- it's a space we had our eye on for quite some time.

Tell me about the store's design.
We stripped it back to the raw walls and there was beautiful brick and some windows that had been covered. So we exposed those and really brought a lot of natural light into the space and just left that part raw. Then we brought in some reclaimed lumber and built a library combined with an apothecary cabinet, which is the way we did the New York store--we have these 30-feet-long apothecary cabinets. And then we mixed that with some modern elements, especially with the lighting and the cabinets with frosted glass, lit from high.

How is Dallas different from your other stores?
The center has a unique feel. It's one of the oldest [shopping] centers in the country so you have a nice little slice of history with it. We just try to take what's the natural vibe of the space, whatever feels right to do there. Each store is unique in what the space gives you to begin with.

What are your top sellers for spring/summer?
Women's tops and dresses have been awesome, especially in that center. Anything that's a little bit oversize or loose. It's so hot-anything lightweight or transparent, and any loose washed down cotton seems to be key right now.

What pieces are you most excited about for fall?
We're very excited about the leather. And tailored clothing -- we tried to broaden our assortment of suitings.

What's unique about Dallas style?
Dallas people seem to really enjoy shopping. That's one thing I love about the place. When they shop they have a smile on their face. They're very supportive.

Who's your Dallas style icon?
[Fashion show producer] Jan Strimple is always someone to see. She's very talented and has a heart of gold.