Director-actor Ed Burns gave his fans and Twitter followers a glimpse into the message behind Tiffany & Co.'s "What Makes Love True?" campaign. On Wednesday afternoon, the "Will You Marry Me?" director sat down with StyleList for a Twitter chat, and opened up about everything from his burgeoning relationship with Tiffany's, to his professed love for Woody Allen. Here are some of our favorite moments:

Tiffany & Co.: When asked how he got into the romance-centered film project, Burns noted: "I've been shopping at Tiffany for years [...] it just made sense." He also tapped the famed brand for wife Christy Turlington's engagement ring.

"Will You Marry Me?,": Burns loved working with the real-life couples seen in the film, and "hearing their stories which were fun, romantic, and beautiful." The short film is also "a real-world continuation" of his recent film "Newlyweds."

New York City: The seasoned director found his New York couples through the normal casting process, but his subjects and their stories were so compelling, perhaps because they hail from New York City. Burns -- borrowing from "The Great Gatsby" -- remarked that New York City is full of "wild promise."

"Breakfast at Tiffany's": Burns came down hard on this one, saying that the classic film "shouldn't be touched."

What Makes Love True? In response to the question everyone wanted to know, Burns said: "True love is finding someone you know you care about more than yourself, you can laugh with, grow with, change with."

So what makes love true to you? Let us know in the comments section below.