By Erin Clements and Sarah Leon

Getty Images for Ray-Ban/AP

Today marks Kate Moss's much-anticipated marriage to The Kills frontman Jamie Hince, and tomorrow Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock weds Prince Albert II of Monaco. Which A-list affair is more your style? Take our quiz and find out!

Do you smoke?
A) Yes
B) No

What's the appropriate amount to spend on an engagement ring?
A) $28,000
B) $100,000, minimum

Where would you prefer to meet your future spouse?
A) Filming a music video in Paris
B) At a swimming competition

What did you do last weekend?
A) Attended Glastonbury
B) Organized a charity gala

What music do you listen to?
A) Snoop Dogg
B) The Eagles

What are you wearing?
A) John Galliano
B) Giorgio Armani

How much older is your future husband?
A) Four years
B) Twenty years

Who would you invite to the wedding?
A) Karl Lagerfeld and Naomi Campbell
B) Karl Lagerfeld and Naomi Campbell

What photographer will you hire?
A) Mario Testino
B) Patrick Demarchelier

What's your dream honeymoon?
A) Timbuktu
B) South Africa

What's your drink of choice?
A) Beer
B) Champagne

What's your drug of choice?
A) Cocaine
B) Steroids

Favorite footwear?
A) Hunter wellies
B) Pumps

How would you rather spend an evening?
A) Attending a Kills concert
B)Watching Rear Window

Mostly As: Kate Moss
Mostly Bs: Charlene Wittstock