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Bold crimson hues are no longer for the lips only: Red eyeliner and shadow made appearances on the spring runways of designers from Derek Lam to Dior, and celebs such as Mary-Kate Olsen have recently embraced the trend. So have brands such as Make Up For Ever, which offers its Aqua Liner in Iridescent Red. We also admired the look on Rachel McAdams, and of course, Rihanna.

Looking to perk up my office makeup for summer, I stopped by Ricky's and picked up a Mattése pencil in Rouge this morning. However, as my red-rimmed eyes invited both looks of concern and startled reactions, it became apparent that colleagues were not terribly taken with my fierce new look.

"It looks like you have an eye infection -- I thought your eyes were really bloodshot," observed one. "It kind of caught me off's a good way to scare someone," someone else noted, continuing, "It's really scary. I thought you were trying out an early Halloween costume."

"Maybe if it was just on the top lid it would look less like it's bleeding," suggested one editor, while another offered, "Maybe if it was just on the bottom lid it would be better." And as I headed for the beauty closet in search of some cleanser and a washcloth, yet another coworker asked if I'd been crying.

If you do decide to try red eyeliner at home -- and want to avoid raising suspicion that you have pinkeye or are coping with a personal tragedy -– we recommend opting for either the upper or lower lid only, and keeping the line subtle. And better yet, save this look for after hours and stay away from natural light. (For the record, I'll be mixing mine with a dash of gloss and going for a soft rouge pout instead.)

Tell us, have you tried red eyeliner? What did you think?