Perrelet Turbine XS diamond watch engine jet
Some jewelry just sits there and looks pretty, while others display some type of movement be it dancing chains or rolling balls. In this Perrelet Turbine XS, a male-centric timepiece has been adapted for female wrists in a smaller size and the clever addition of diamonds. The original watch was meant to appear like a jet engine as blades moved around with your wrist motion. The addition of diamonds under the blades creates an impressive "look at me" style as diamonds seem to blink in and out of view.

The base dial of the watch comes in either black or natural mother of pearl with a turbine that spins around with the kinetic movement of your wrist. The 41mm wide steel case is covered in diamonds on the lugs and bezel, while additional strips of diamonds are placed on the base dial that are revealed when the turbine blades spin. Click below to see a video of the watch in action. The Turbine XS is matched to a satin strap and contains a Swiss automatic movement. Look for these fancy function watches soon.

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