Scouring vintage stores for the perfect summer piece can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily for us, Sammy Davis (of Sammy Davis Vintage) knows a thing or two about vintage fashion, from the jargon to the best way to harmonize your Urban Outfitters with old-school finds.

To help us build our retro repertoire, the effervescent blogger shows us five of her summer essentials, and the best ways to style them. Go ahead, and find your vintage nirvana.

1.) Straw hat

Sammy Says: Straw hats can be worn fashionably chic without looking like you stepped out of Old McDonald's farm! They'll protect you from the sun all while adding a casual vibe to a more upscale look. I love wearing straw hats with florals -- especially a neutral colored one with dark florals for a light/dark balance on my top & bottom.

2.) High waist Shorts

Sammy Says:
High-waisted shorts need not be boring denim! Look for the trend circa the '70s and '80s in bold brights and colorful designs. By day you can throw them on over your bikini at the beach

3.) A maxi skirt

Sammy Says: Maxi skirts without crinoline (like tulle, in the 1800s literally the hoop below a skirt) can make the wearer look granny and haggard. Vintage maxi skirts with crinoline have more body to them. Anything not fleece or sweatsuit material will hold shape rather than sticking and conforming to the wearers body, which is what I see a ton of maxi skirts do because they aren't made from quality materials with shape.

4.) Black bustier

Sammy Says: Vintage bustiers are cut so elegantly and can really accentuate a girls figure when worn right. Add an open blazer on top with eye hook snaps so the buttons don't distract. I love black with sherbert-colors, like these orange sherbert tapered pants.

5.) Sequin top

Sammy Says: Sequin tops were popular evening wear pieces in the '60s and usually worn with matching skirts and jackets. Opt for just the sequin top for a more modern look. Wear with striped, polka dot or floral prints for a summer sequins wearable by day. I love putting sequin tops OVER fitted body dresses, like my polka dot dress from American Apparel.