Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani Releases Summer Beauty Ads with Megan Fox
Megan Fox was in the news this weekend for a better reason than last week's media fiasco - Giorgio Armani released his summer beauty ad campaign featuring the gorgeous actress. The photos, which show Fox in a series of different, though equally exquisite, makeup looks, are accompanied by a video of the actress posing in front of a wind machine. Keeping a low profile, she isn't. - Via BeautyHigh

Balmain Launches Hair Care
Haute couture isn't just for clothes anymore - now it's reached your hair. Balmain launched two hair care lines this week called Système Volume. The first line, Nutrition Intense, is designed for normal hair and includes shampoo, conditioner, a mask, and a protective styling spray, while the second, Hydrant, targets fine hair. Ivy, mandarin, violet, freesia, and melon are among the ingredients used in the products. - Via FabSugar

A Whole New Kind of Drugstore
Duane Reade is opening its largest store ever - a 22,000 square foot monstrosity - in the Trump Building on Wall Street today. And that's not all: the store seems to be aiming for something of a one-stop experience. It will incorporate a hair salon, a nail parlor (with massages, too), a grocery market with sushi and smoothie bars, and - it is Wall Street, after all - a stock ticker. "We believe it's the most exciting drugstore in the world," said Joe Magnacca, president of Duane Reade and Everyday Living Solutions at the Walgreen Company. What's next, jazzing up the local library? (Although we wouldn't say no to a massage station...) - Via New York Times City Room

Bottega Veneta to Launch First Women's Scent
Bottega Veneta has announced that it will launch a women's fragrance - and that it expects it to rake in the big bucks, too. Industry sources estimated that the perfume could bring in $35 to 40 million in retail sales in the first year alone. The inspiration for the scent, according to creative director Tomas Maier, came from the vision of "a room with old wood floors, library walls and leather-bound books with the windows open wide, the breeze coming in and cut grass, hay, moss, garden flowers, growing through the room and everything mixing up." The marketing team knows what it's doing - with an image like that, those millions are going to come rolling in. - Via WWD

Michael Kors Discusses New Scent
With a new scent, Gold Eau de Toilette, set to go on sale in August, the designer sat down with Allure to talk about why he thinks women will love the perfume, which scent makes him feel like he's on vacation, and his least favorite smells. And he's proud to say - "I've never made a fragrance that smells edible." - Via Allure

Harrods Employee Forced to Quit for Refusing to Wear Makeup
It's no accident that Harrods' atmosphere is so polished (read: intimidating) - their dress code policy is incredibly strict. Former employee Melanie Stark was forced to quit her job for refusing to wear the "full makeup at all time" mandated by the dress code. The 24-year-old said she was sent home twice and forced to work in the stock room for her persistently natural look. We don't know what's more ridiculous - the store's policy, or how gorgeous Stark's skin must be that she's willing to lose her job to bare all. - Via Huffington Post