Images courtesy of Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier's Creative Director Bruno Frisoni has launched a new collection of couture quality accessories for Spring/Summer 2012. The Rendez Vous collection truly is limited edition: only 10-20 of each item are produced and the prices match their exclusivity (we're talking $35,000 for the Pilgrim drape clutch and between $1,800 and $12,000 for a pair of heels).

Personally, I am obsessed with the flower bouquet clutch (imagine carrying that down the aisle) and the Barbapapa Sandal (could anything be more summery?) which are both shown above, but Frisoni's other designs, including a pair of bamboo sandals and a wicker clutch, are equally chic and much more wearable.

This contemporary couture collection, which was inspired by Mona Bismarck, Elizabeth Taylor and the Mediterranean, won't just be sold in stores, instead the delicate clutches and sky high heels will travel the world visiting Roger Vivier boutiques in Paris, New York, Shanghai, Milan and more blurring the line between a pop up shop and a traveling art exhibit.

Not satisfied with just one image? See the full collection in our gallery below. And get your wishlist ready.