Jennifer Lopez and HSN host Colleen Lopez during an exclusive launch of the Love and Light fragrance. Courtesy of HSN

Jennifer Lopez has the entire world as her stage, but why did the 41-year-old star choose the 24-hour shopping television network, HSN, to exclusively launch her 17th fragrance?

"HSN really gave me a unique opportunity to connect directly with viewers and fans," Lopez told StyleList. "To be able to share my passion, inspiration and the work that went into Love and Light and hearing the callers talk about the other fragrances of mine felt really nice! And of course, Colleen [Lopez] and Diana [Perkovic] made it fun!"

StyleList watched behind-the-scenes as she charmed viewers with stories of perfecting her new scent while sharing a few good laughs, childhood photos and dance moves with the HSN hosts and her mother, Lupe. We caught up with the "Get on the Floor" singer after she wrapped her on-air appearance to chat all things fragrance.

StyleList: Love and Light will be your 17th signature fragrance, what makes this perfume stand out from your previous scents?
Jennifer Lopez: I'm really excited about Love and Light. When I begin creating a new scent, the goal is to make something extraordinary. None of my scents are ever alike. With Love and Light, I wanted to create a unique and very personal fragrance that really expresses the feeling of the warmth and light you feel inside and not focus on the world around you. It also has a very sensual experience to it.

How do you believe your fragrance base has evolved since Glow? Did you ever think that you would become a perfumer?
JL: I never imagined when I launched Glow that fragrance would become such a big part of my life. Each fragrance is a reflection of what I am feeling in my life at that time. This has been a passion of mine since working in a perfume store as a young girl, so it's a dream come true.

What inspires you to create a new perfume? Memory, place or person? And what is the process like from idea to bottle?
JL: I have been inspired by so many things. I remember when I was a little girl, my mom had this very special smell, that was unique to my mom. I loved that! I think everyone should have a smell -- it's like anything else about you and it's a part of you. I love the process of creating beautiful things. I come up with the idea of the scent and design and work with my fragrance partner, Coty Prestige, to make this exactly as we imagined it to be.

Jennifer Lopez Love and Light fragrance. Courtesy Photo

What has been your biggest lesson you learned in creating fragrances?
JL: Patience. I never simply put my name on something. When it's finished, I am 100 percent in love with it and I am excited about sharing it. All of my fragrances are a personal extension of myself.

In the fragrance's ad campaign, you evoke the essence of Hollywood screen sirens of the past. Can you talk about the inspiration behind the ad?
JL: I am inspired by iconic legendary women. Women that were pioneers in fashion and fragrance. The Love and Light ad is a tribute to legends like Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Onassis and of course, Coco Chanel. We wanted to capture that chic Hollywood glamour and spirit.

Which of your own fragrances are in heavy rotation?
JL: It's hard to pick just one. Each scent represents a different part of myself. I wear each of them based on how I am feeling at a particular moment or on a particular day. Wearing fragrance should be fun and playful!

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