Photo: Getty Images

French designer Roland Mouret, famous for dressing the likes of Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum in sharp cocktail dresses, is taking on a new role as the Creative Director at Robert Clergerie. Though the shoe label's been around for over 30 years and has a pretty loyal following, they've brought Mouret on in an effort to reinvigorate the brand.

This is Mouret's first endeavor as a shoe designer, but there's no doubt amongst insiders at Robert Clergerie (and Clergerie himself) that this new partnership will bring a breath of fresh air and fresh talent to the established label. Clergerie's always played it safe when it comes to his designs, but now with Mouret on board there'll be more space to go just a little more over the edge in terms of aesthetic. It's only shoes for now but with Mouret's contemporary vision and Clergerie's exquisite craftsmanship, we'd venture to guess that this creative team will have a lot more to give to the fashion world in the future besides luxe footwear.

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