susan b toilet paper wedding dress

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To some women, the dress is more important than the actual wedding. But with all the planning, seating arrangements and searching for the perfect DJ, sometimes dreams of the perfect gown are flushed down the toilet.

No one understands this more than our friends over a They recently held their seventh annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest and the winner -- Susan Brennan from Orchard Lake, MI. -- built a nature-inspired gown complete with flowers and feathers. She constructed the dress with 4 rolls of toilet paper, hot glue and packing tape, creating impressive pleats on the bodice.

Laura Lee from Milpitas, CA. (left, below) was awarded $500 and chosen for second place for her tiered and strapless design. Cynthia Richards from Marietta, GA. (right, below) used 20 rolls of toilet paper to create the gown inspired by her business partner's dream. She won third place and $250.

While it would be hard for these ladies to pass down the dresses to their family members (imagine the storage woes!), the frocks are still pretty practical -- if the bride starts getting teary-eyed on her big day all she has to do it rip a square of her dress!

toilet paper wedding dress

Courtesy photos

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