From above, left: People's Revolution. Below, left: FashionNotes. Right: Staff photos.

Things I can't get enough of right now: hair garlands. From Valentino Haute Couture, to guests at Kanon's "Midsummer" party, this new hair accessory has been making the rounds. Celebs are also providing some serious inspiration- Anne Hathaway showed up at The White Fairy Tale Love Ball in her very own garland.

I know what you're thinking: floral garlands are reserved for Shakespearian characters, or Kate Moss's flower girls. But, I can't stand being left out of a fun hair trend--and, ok, I secretly want to emulate Mosstock style--so I had to try it for myself. (Side note: In kindergarten, I exclusively wore floral headbands, particularly ones adorned with giant, felt sunflowers. Naturally, this project had my name written all over it.)

Armed with runway photos for inspiration, I set off in search of materials to make my couture garland. $20, and a trip to the craft store later, I was ready for my tress transformation. While I was worried that I would have to call over our friends at ShelterPop for a DIY intervention, the actual crafting was easy breezy. All you need is string (I used a textured leather), faux or real flowers, and a pair of scissors.

To get a daytime look, I opted for fresh daisies. Just like beading a necklace, thread the string and daisies through the synthetic flower openings. Cinch the ends, slip on the crown of your head, and style it with Coachella-friendly pieces (think frayed cutoffs and concert tees.)

For a nighttime vibe, ditch the flowers and just wrap an extra-long necklace around your strands. I tried a couple from Topshop twisted together, but plenty of stores have charm necklaces that you can mix and match to make your own haute headgear.

So, are you in, or are you out? Is a couture garland a look worth trying? Let us know in the comments section.